Zeqr: a new platform for Freelancers

2nd March 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ News

Zeqr logo

Deciding to work as a freelancer can be hugely rewarding. It enables you to be more flexible, increases your autonomy and often encourages a better work-life balance. However, whilst most freelancers would argue that the benefits far outweigh the risks, there’s no denying that there are some negatives to this lifestyle. What usually causes most freelancers to second guess their career choice is that there are no guarantees of regular work, financial security or a steady income.

However, a new online platform called Zeqr has recently launched which can provide freelancers who work across a range of sectors, with a way to supplement their income. Zeqr connects experts in any field with individuals seeking their knowledge. All these experts have to do is create a profile, outline what their specific skills are, create a class and wait for people to sign up to it.

For example, a web design freelancer based in London could create a class and have somebody in New York wishing to know more about web design buy their class. It’s that simple. The experts set the price and duration of their class then negotiate with whoever buys it to decide a convenient time for the session to take place via video conference on the Zeqr platform.

Zeqr was co-founded by Swedish brothers and successful entrepreneurs Daniel and Johan Hedlund after the difficulties they had finding people who were knowledgeable and skilled in the areas needed for their previous businesses. Expert global leaders in the fields of entrepreneurialism, technology and business are already live on the platform offering their services, including Guy Kawasaki, chief evangelist at Canva.

To find out more and sign up to create a class visit www.zeqr.com.