Get Albert – the revolutionary finance app for freelancers

3rd January 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Articles

After designing and developing the mobile banking apps for RBS and Natwest, two of the team members, Ivo Weevers and Dan Bruce, banded together to create their own app – Albert. Albert enables freelancers to quickly and easily manage their finances and bookkeeping whilst being on the go. Combining invoices and expenses into one organised, hassle-free (and free!) solution, is any freelancer’s dream; particularly if they’re not financially savvy. The app ensures freelancers can get their financial business effortlessly out the way, enabling them to focus on their core business and what they do best. They are supported by a small, 7-person team behind the app, all of whom have been freelancers themselves and understand the pressures of running their own business.

Albert is also the first UK finance app for freelancers to pass a whopping 1,000 five-star ratings in the App Store – currently making them the UK’s Highest Rated Business Finance App. “A free app with no catches and actually a brilliant product – does that even happen anymore?” says a user on one of their many app store reviews. Albert clearly has an army of loyal users who eagerly await new features or updates to be released; perhaps because they get to regularly contribute their feedback and requests via Albert’s customer support channel, feeding into a voting system that ultimately informs the way the app is built and developed.

It’s safe to say that this user-centred approach and its appreciation by Albert’s users hasn’t gone unnoticed by Apple, who featured Albert on the App Store homepage this month in the ‘Life Hack: Work Anywhere’ category, beside several other superbly successful apps you may have heard of, such as Slack and Mailchimp. Albert was also featured back in March 2017, first on the App Store front page in the ‘New Apps We Love’ category and then in the ‘Creating Documents’ category. Not bad for an app prototyped on a flight between L.A. and London just a few years ago.

With the launch of Albert’s most recent update that now allows people to file invoices and expenses alongside one another, accessed from the same handy button and then stored side by side in the same, single To-Do List, this ‘All-In-One’ mindset has also informed other aspects of the new feature’s design. Dan Bruce, Albert’s co-founder, says, “Rather than having to switch between screens, we’ve created a newer, smarter workflow whereby you can zoom in on your receipt image to better view its details whilst logging it; and then also remain in view mode, whilst you select an expense category.” Albert’s ethos seems to be about taking the time to think about these kinds of extra details – which may go unnoticed on an everyday basis, but make all the difference to users in the long run. Albert has also created a handy Expenses Guide to help it’s users through the upcoming tax season. Check it out here.

Among Albert’s many other achievements has been receiving the ‘Best UK Startup of the Year’ award, which they received at the 2016 Orange Awards, as well as winning ‘Best Retail Banking App’ at the Fintech Innovation Lab in 2016. The app has also announced this month that it has partnered up with Starling Bank to bring about a new, innovative open banking system, enabling automated bookkeeping. This exciting news has propelled Albert to end 2017 with a bang (read their press release). It comes as no surprise to anyone that co-founders Ivo Weevers and Dan Bruce’s visions and ambitions for a freelance finance future are limitless.