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Hi, I’m Dan. I’m a freelance proofreader based in London, UK.

I’m a grammar pedant who has a passion for the English language, especially in written form. I have been a keen and quick reader all of my life and have always been frustrated to spot errors in much loved books. I recently decided to turn that passion into a career and become a proofreader and copy editor. I’m a member of the Chartered Institute of Editors and Proofreaders and subscribe to their high professional standards.
I can work on text of any length and format and am confident proofing blind or against copy. I can work in PDFs, Word documents or hard copy and am able to do so using commenting and markup tools, or BSI symbols as required.
I have a distinct enthusiasm for science-fiction and fantasy novels and would be delighted to work with any work of that genre, but would be equally proud to work in non-fiction or other fiction genres as well. I have a varied background in childcare, sports, retail, and hospitality which I believe gives me great experience to work in any field. All of my roles have required precise time keeping, efficient task management and a high level of attention to detail, which I consider essential to freelance proofreading and copy editing.
I look forward to working with you.