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Chester, UK
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Managing Director and Software Architect at Vibaweb, a PHP development company.

I started programming in the 1980s at age 6, on my father’s CP/M computer.

My first paid position was aged 15, writing VB code for SAP B/W, for what was then the UK’s largest stationary company.

I have been coding in PHP for almost 15 years, since the early days ofPHP4. I am a PHP Zend Certified Engineer and have been working as a PHP Software Architect for almost 8 years.

My company, Vibaweb Ltd., was founded to provide highly competent, affordable PHP coding solutions in Central London. We harness the latest cutting edge technology to build cloud-based solutions for both desktop and mobile browsers, using PHP, HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript.

Prior to starting Vibaweb, I worked with Gabriel Research & Management as Head of Digital Services, where I continue to advise and consult on a regular basis.

In my past roles as PHP architect, I worked with a range of high profile clients in the Financial Services industry – most recently for Barclays Bank, Europe Arab Bank, and Wahda Bank.

My past work experience includes advanced programming roles for GlobalChange – a provider of trend analysis and organisational development services for Fortune 500 companies and other multinationals; ACET International, a multinational aid organisation, and the MoneySorter group, where I was responsible for the group’s online software and application development.


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