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I’ve worked as a freelance journalist, editor, copywriter and blogger for the last 15+ years for a variety of businesses and publishers, most recently with a well known PR firm as a technical copywriter for an international brand.
I’ve worked in a variety of verticals – including science and technology, travel and education and careers and education – and can put my hand to anything from editorial and marketing materials through to press releases, case studies and customer letters.
I can offer understanding and experience of:
Writing engaging copy for print and online – from short, snappy posts through to long form articles.
Self-employed for over 15 years, I am strongly self-motivated, organised and creative.
Strong editing and proofreading skills, resulting in high quality copy.
Experienced in researching new subjects and creating accessible and compelling content on these topics, with minimal input required from the client.
Proficient in use of enterprise level content management systems.
With experience working as a technical copywriter for an international PR firm, I am skilled in:
o Crafting corporate copy.
o The importance of brand voice.
o Customer letters.
o Newsletters.
o Company magazines.
o Press releases.
o White papers.
o Case studies and benefit reports.


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