Funding options for freelance side-hustles

21st November 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Articles

Freelance work can be liberating in a number of different ways. You’re your own boss, you can work whenever you want and there are more opportunities to make extra money than compared to your typical nine-to-five job. The extra breathing space allows freelancers to pursue a project outside their current domain, but quite often there is a financial obstacle needing to be overcome when starting a new business.

Identifying all of the different ways you can fund your business makes you realise the size of the opportunity there is to get a new venture off the ground.

So what are your options?

  •         Government grants and regional agencies
  •         Start-up loans
  •         Bank business loan
  •         Bank overdrafts
  •         Venture capital
  •         Private equity
  •         Angel Investment
  •         Expansion Capital
  •         Asset Finance
  •         Leasing and hire purchase


Regardless of what industry you are looking to start your business in, read our comprehensive guide on what sources of funding are available to you.