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Managing Director and Software Architect at Vibaweb, a PHP development company.

I started programming in the 1980s at age 6, on my father’s CP/M computer.

My first paid position was aged 15, writing VB code for SAP B/W, for what was then the UK’s largest stationary company.

I have been coding in PHP for almost 15 years, since the early days ofPHP4. I am a PHP Zend Certified Engineer and have been working as a PHP Software Architect for almost 8 years.

My company, Vibaweb Ltd., was founded to provide highly competent, affordable PHP coding solutions in Central London. We harness the latest cutting edge technology to build cloud-based solutions for both desktop and mobile browsers, using PHP, HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript.

Prior to starting Vibaweb, I worked with Gabriel Research & Management as Head of Digital Services, where I continue to advise and consult on a regular basis.

In my past roles as PHP architect, I worked with a range of high profile clients in the Financial Services industry – most recently for Barclays Bank, Europe Arab Bank, and Wahda Bank.

My past work experience includes advanced programming roles for GlobalChange – a provider of trend analysis and organisational development services for Fortune 500 companies and other multinationals; ACET International, a multinational aid organisation, and the MoneySorter group, where I was responsible for the group’s online software and application development.

I’m a freelance copywriter and proofreader who can help you:


* boost sales

* convert customers

* engage your target audience


I’ll do this using the latest techniques in copywriting – principles of persuasion, emotional drivers, human psychology and some Katie magic…


I’m based in Loughborough in the heart of the East Midlands. Since 2004, I’ve helped clients locally, nationally and internationally engage their target audience thanks to well crafted copy for brochures, promotional material, leaflets and newsletters.


I can also proofread, edit and tweak existing copy for websites, articles, features or sales collateral. Working flexibly, I can commit a few hours, a whole day or establish a project timeline tailored to your needs.


I’ve worked with some big names and some tiny inconsequential people, but I treat every customer with the same respect, courtesy, professionalism and when required, downright subservience that they deserve, because they’re paying me.


I have also edited several books and will write my own one day. Or perhaps just a short story.


Here’s what some lovely people have said about me:


“For research, writing, proofing or idea generation, Katie is fantastic. She understands what’s needed very quickly, and then takes the time to do a good job – whatever the brief. Katie is also friendly, hardworking and trustworthy. A very safe pair of hands.”


Fiona Mocatta

“I’ve worked with Katie
since 2015. She’s contributed to our websites as well as crafted leaflets,
folder inserts and promotional literature for our evolving organisations.

Always positive,
passionate about the principles of persuasion and eager to share her love of
language, she creates dynamic, engaging copy that not only demonstrates the
scope of our business but captures our approach and is skilfully tailored to its
target audience.  It’s been a pleasure to work with her and I am happy to
recommend her to everyone (perhaps not our competitors…).”

 Michael Clapton, RRS


“Katie has helped SaneChoice find a tone that we wish to portray to our customers. A majority of our executive committee has come from cold corporate backgrounds and have inherited that style of writing. Having Katie translate cold-corporate to warm-professional has helped us engage with our customers. We will continue to work with Katie for our own needs and the needs of our clients. Skip the short-list, place her straight at the top.”


Bradley Porter

Head of Application Operations (EMEA)


“Katie is a gem. She is a talented copywriter, accomplished journalist and the most pedantic proofreader that I have ever met. Katie has a love of words that spills over into all she writes, having a vocabulary that would put the Collins English Dictionary to shame and an eye for detail that would infuriate all but the brave. Furthermore Katie is the most proficient researcher I have ever met, who uses her skills to ensure every detail of a piece is not just correct but factually accurate, and more to the point, I reckon Katie could out ‘Google’ Google! Katie is an asset, a real team player and a joy to work with. It has been a pleasure to work with Katie and I
recommend her most heartily.”

Barry Walker
Public Relations, PR Guru, Media Hound, Salami Maker