Tina Williams Editorial Support

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Professional Proofreading & Copy-Editing
For Indie Authors
& Publishers

Fiction & Creative Non-Fiction

Hi, I’m Tina Williams and I provide editorial support to independent authors and publishers of fiction and creative non-fiction. This includes proofreading, copy-editing and manuscript reviews.

Based in South Wales, UK, but with clients worldwide, I provide a friendly, reliable and efficient service, but am also dedicated and meticulous–I will work with you to help you make your manuscript as professional as it can be. Above all, your ‘voice’ and your goals are my priority.

Experience of working on Fantasy, Science Fiction/Steampunk, Children’s, YA, Comedy, Romance, Mystery, Contemporary, Literary, How-To Non-Fiction & Public Interest Non-Fiction.
In the form of novel, novella, anthology, short story & book series.

All genres considered, although I will advise if I feel your work requires a specialist editor.

I am qualified with the Publishing Training Centre (PTC) and am a member of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders (SfEP) and the Association of Independent Publishing Professionals (AIPP). I primarily work with Microsoft Word (using Word’s Track Changes facility), but can work with PDF files, and am also proficient in the use of British Standards Institution (BSI) proofreading symbols.

Find out more about how I can help by visiting tweditorial.co.uk. Alternatively, get in touch to discuss your budget and requirements, or send a 1500-word sample to tina@tweditorial.co.uk for a free appraisal.

Payment plans can be arranged if you would prefer to pay by instalments.
‘Tina is very professional; she has a sharp eye for detail and goes the extra mile…’
‘friendly, first-class service, which was relaxed, highly informative & resulted in a finished manuscript I am delighted with’
‘[Tina] communicated warmth and friendliness, passion, diligence and her price made me smile’

This is the final stage in the writing process, after all the editing is complete, and just prior to publication. A proofread checks all aspects of spelling, grammar, punctuation, layout and style, to ensure no errors have slipped through the other stages. It also checks for consistency throughout, making sure your manuscript presents professionally for publication.

A proofread can include checking capitalisation, hyphenation, headings, typeface, spacing, spelling and numerical style, headers and footers, tables, illustrations and their corresponding captions, references, cross-references and in-text citations, bibliographies, prelims and endlims.

For e-books, particular attention will be paid to formatting to ensure compliancy with your chosen e-publisher, and thus a smooth transition when you upload your manuscript. For those seeking traditional representation, I will abide by accepted industry-standard formatting.

A copy-edit examines your narrative on a line-by-line basis and may involve some rewording or sentence restructuring to ensure your intended message translates seamlessly to the reader. An edit can be vital for capturing errors that have crept into your story which would jar the reader’s attention and disrupt their enjoyment of your book.

It will closely observe all aspects of your narrative, including plot, point of view, characterisation and setting, correcting or notifying you of inconsistencies or areas of confusion.

Rest assured that retaining your narrative voice is of paramount importance during the copy-edit, as is staying true to your vision for your book.

Manuscript Review
A review provides an objective and detailed breakdown of all aspects of your narrative. It highlights strengths and weaknesses and comments on potential areas and ideas for improvement.

It separates the narrative into specific areas in order to analyse whether these areas are working effectively. These areas are: point of view, characterisation, setting, dialogue, timeline, plot progression, theme, genre and target audience.

The feedback document is respectful and supportive, as well as honest and pragmatic in order to help you develop your manuscript and writing skills.